Green Card Lottery Photo Requirements for DV2025

Our Green Card Lottery Experts have provided a list of requirements that all applicants entering the DV2025 lottery must comply with or they will be disqualified. It is extremely important that you read and understand these requirements before you try to register for the DV2025 lottery or you entire DV2025 lottery application could very well be disqualified.

All applicant prospects must provide a recent digital photo of the applicant and a recent digital photo of any of their co-applicants, such as children under 21 years of age or the applicants spouse. DV2025 applicants will need an electronic file containing their digital image that must be upload on-line while completing the green card lottery application upon successful registration.

If you upload a digital photo that does not comply 100% with all the requirements listed below your entire application will be disqualified, so this is important that you take the time and get this step right. The recency of the photos must be within the past 6 months and the composition of the photos is very important as unacceptable backgrounds will be grounds for disqualification of the entire Green Card Lottery Application. If you in any way or in any shape manipulate alters the facial characteristics on any digital photo that you upload, the US Government will disqualify your entire Green Card Lottery application. Again, if you fail to upload the correct images of every individual and co-applicant in the DV2025 application, the US Department of State will disqualify your entire application and issue a refusal of all visas associated with your green card lottery application at the time of your green card interview. The minimum 24-bit color depth requirement must also be met, i.e. a black and white digital photo will be ground for disqualification too. Applicants shall be in front of a neutral, light-colored background. Digital photos of applicants in front of a dark or a patterned backgrounds will not be accepted. DV2025 lottery applicant that upload a Digital photo in which they are wearing sunglasses or any other items that detract from the face will be disqualified. If a DV2025 lottery applicant is wearing a head covering or a hat for religious beliefs on the Digital images that the applicant uploaded with their application, that would be accepted in such cases only. However, if the head covering is worn for any other than religious beliefs; i.e. tribal or other headgear not worn for religious reasons, the entire green card lottery application would be disqualified. Applicants uploading digital images of military, airline, or other personnel wearing hats will also be ground for disqualification. A new requirements was added recently, any person wearing glasses on their picture will also be disqualified.

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